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  • Which women’s printed jeans are the best, the answer is here      2016-12-20

    The jeans obviously have evolved from the days of mining and panning for gold. Jeans are now everywhere you go and are available in various sizes and fashions for both for men and women. Females generally try to find jeans that will make them seem leaner and will further accentuate their body. Women’s printed...

  • Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings      2017-4-18

    Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomingsThe first one: the man with thick legsNot suitable for: trousers narrow jeans, such as: Stretch Jeans, waist jeans.Suitable for: Straight Jeans, near dark, far light color (to avoid the effect of light visual expansion)Collocation:1, light co...

  •       2017-4-18

    External conditions:1 see first leg outside whether selvage.2 look at the color is not very thick and deep, if it is possible that this dye seems to be good, it is estimated to smell the smell is also helpful;3 if it is not into the slurry, it will be very hard to see, the heart will usually think: the harder the bette...

  • Try to pay attention to your jeans      2017-4-18

    1, pull the waist lift jeans, button zipper or buttons to your knees to the chest, look up, see if the comfort. Squat and observe yourself behind the mirror, if exposed buttocks or abdominal half of more than three hengrou that the jeans waist is too low, or too small. Of course, except for the PP style. Find a place t...

  • Buy jeans is to pay attention to the following points      2017-4-18

    Pay attention to the following points:Waistband: jeans waistband should be slightly loose. One inch (2.5 cm) or a half inch (3.75 cm) loose degree can just let the waist hanging on the hip bone, this is jeans should wear the effect. Not only that, it's also more comfortable to wear, because it makes room for you to sit...

  • How to sign the authenticity of jeans      2017-4-18

    How to sign the authenticity of jeans:1, authentic jeans with indigo as a dye, its fabric surface without color or strip. Slightly after the stone after color more bright, red cloth, no significant staining. There is more uniform color. No obvious difference. Genuine jeans surface soft, no obvious lumps.2, we can see i...

  • Tips for buying Ripped jeans      2017-4-13

    1, version type selectionHave you ever faced a whole wall of jeans and didn't know how to do it? Have you ever been confused by the professional jargon of jeans in the mouth? Jeans must be based on their own right or not to choose their own version2, the size of the choiceJeans are Western goods, so there are a number ...

  • The process of making jeans      2017-4-13

    Ripped jeans from the beginning to labor need strong and heavy, and later to comfort the close light, then because of the pursuit of fashion and the emergence of a hand Mill cat whiskers, bead embroidery and other process. The middle of the last century, holes in jeans as soon as he appeared, it attracted young people ...