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Buy jeans is to pay attention to the following points

Pay attention to the following points:
Waistband: jeans waistband should be slightly loose. One inch (2.5 cm) or a half inch (3.75 cm) loose degree can just let the waist hanging on the hip bone, this is jeans should wear the effect. Not only that, it's also more comfortable to wear, because it makes room for you to sit down.
Legs: refers to the right thigh in the fat you sit down at a little bit loose trousers. If you're planning to wear jeans to work or appointments, choose a slightly tapered style. This pair of jeans, with a nice shirt and a suit jacket, is perfect for sitting in the office.
Trousers: Classic trouser - tapered pants and straight leg pants trousers should be in the upper top place below two cm. Only boys and girls like the kind of long mopping the big trouser legs. However, if you are wearing boots, you can choose a fat jeans to cover the boots. Otherwise, you might look a little weird.
Color: the color is to give people the most intuitive feeling, even if the same is blue, the depth and the difference between light and shade is also very big, should pay attention to choose their favorite color. Can also be based on the current popularity and demand, in blue jeans. And to carefully check the whole pair of jeans dyeing is uniform, the bottom of the pants is a beautiful wash.
Fabric: the traditional jeans are pure cotton fabric. In addition, the thickness of the fabric can not only see its quality, but also on the whole style of jeans. Be sure to pay attention to the texture of the fabric is the overall feeling of the pants and your body match.
Jeans size is not the same, only tried to know whether it is appropriate. European jeans are generally larger in size than in asia. Before buying to try, because different brands of the same size, jeans sometimes varied greatly. Different brands of jeans have different features in the models, suitable for different people with different shape, can find suitable shape style jeans is a very lucky thing. In addition, we should pay special attention to the length of the jeans, usually set aside 5% of the shrinkage rate, the length of the jeans and the way they dress, and the way to dress is also a very important aspect of fashion.
Work: first check whether the pants seam stitch general homogeneous density, good quality jeans 2.54 cm 7~10 needle; and then check whether the zipper lubrication, how well this in your pants; finally, to check the size of the ring belt, whether they can pass through the comparison of love belt.