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Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings

Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings
The first one: the man with thick legs
Not suitable for: trousers narrow jeans, such as: Stretch Jeans, waist jeans.
Suitable for: Straight Jeans, near dark, far light color (to avoid the effect of light visual expansion)
1, light coat or pattern is particularly eye-catching, people ignore the legs of a good way.
2, the waist can be tied to a style of special chic belt, so as to disperse the attention of others.
3, simple canvas shoes are a perfect match.
Second kinds of people: thin legs
Divided into two cases: one, suitable for tall and short pants, choose the slightly wider style, do not let the legs so thin, Collocation: not suitable to select hard shoes, choose shoes.
Two, suitable for tall, slender outstanding beauty, very fine styles most tight. Collocation: 1, the upper body of the body with a thin body, you can turn the advantages of thin and weak, it is very spiritual. 2, and shoes, pants must be slightly longer, so that will make the legs appear longer.
Key points: the male version of thin leg pants, hip and thigh root with straight legged square, only the lower leg area more fine, this is the biggest difference between female and male version of slim pants and slim pants.
Third: a man of equal size
Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings
Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings
Suitable for: the main consideration is more popular style, to select the Turner line according to temperament and style in his pocket, grinding and other decorations, such as the most simple straight tube type version, in the washing and the choice of colors such as plain, mild to heavy water.
Collocation: upper body with a short paragraph of clothing will be more type, with traditional shoes on the feet of the length of time can not be too long, do not roll up high, legs and feet can not be too wide.
Note: the tall man keeps the basic version of the straight tube, the lines at the knees slightly tightened, and the curves of the legs are depicted. Short leg line, change is not so much, but the inner coherence curve cut enough, with low waist design, make short legs look slender.
Fourth: O type leg
Suitable for: from top to bottom gradually narrowing trouser style, height difference of the parallel vision to modify the leg line defect, color design, choose light color dyeing leg part, with the help of light and visual is as wide as the knee dislocation.
1, the upper body can choose the color, style, design attractive coat, attract the attention of others, the legs gradually ignored.
2, high shoes, casual shoes to wear trousers can not pay attention to the accumulation of too much in the uppers, small accumulation will give people a casual feeling.
Analysis: This version from the upper part to the legs is gradually tightening style, not flinching layout, too short version type leg will highlight O leg weakness, and white thigh knee of the cat, will make people ignore the shortcomings of leg type.
The fifth kind: thick waist person
Suitable for: select the closest ancestor Version (the traditional version) the removal of pants, trouser legs, waist and hips is almost a square outer contour, the waist no extra details.
Not suitable for: waist decoration too much, waist hip position of the skin marked more eye-catching jeans wear less.
Collocation: choose clothes coat natural fall jeans pocket jacket, wearing leather shoes material mixed flat shoes (note that it is best not to let the legs fully packed in the upper, or stacked legs will look cluttered.
Sixth: the fat man
Not suitable: after the bag design is too complicated, rear waist line decoration too eye-catching style
Suitable for: low-key after bag design and compact car line will cover the hips too big shortcomings, especially near the front leg washing and matte effect strong point to divert attention; a little horn trouser style, or try to choose color darker jeans.
Match: with a sense of the design of leather shoes can be stacked, but do not cover the upper cover, will cover the characteristics of leather shoes.
Seventh: raising the buttocks effect
Seven men how to choose jeans jeans wear jeans to cover their own shortcomings
Suitable for: low waist design, generally rely on the pelvis and hip to fixed, so from the waist to hip line distance is short, the hip line is more concentrated and compact, upturned feeling is very obvious.