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Try to pay attention to your jeans

1, pull the waist lift jeans, button zipper or buttons to your knees to the chest, look up, see if the comfort. Squat and observe yourself behind the mirror, if exposed buttocks or abdominal half of more than three hengrou that the jeans waist is too low, or too small. Of course, except for the PP style. Find a place to sit down and take a look at the following parts of the waist line is appropriate. If the fabric is very wrinkled, then a small one to try it.
2, wearing a new pair of jeans in the store and walk 10 minutes after this, if you finally put on pants or tighten your hips and abandon it, one will not kill you.
3, find a three mirror, carefully look at the back pocket effect. Try to choose those pants look smaller and lower than the actual will be more Alice buttocks.
4, in order to put on a small number of jeans, the two to breathe. In fact, a small enough. Buy a pair of jeans that you can wear down after a month. If you can really thin down, then come back after a month to buy it.
5, wearing pantyhose try jeans, basically can not find the right size.
Length of trousers. Jeans because of the different version of the pants will change, try to re measure the most insurance.